Thursday, July 31, 2008

Candler Park Double and Grapefruit Martinis

AM: 54 mins
~7.5 miles
PM: 23 mins
3 miles
2 mile walk w/Brooke and Biz

The sky was overcast and the air was cooler than normal this morning, so my easy run was quite pleasant. I did the Candler Park loop in reverse, plus some meandering around in the Highlands (it's funny--this run continues to be shorter than I expect it to be. Like, every time. You would think I'd realize this by now). Of note, guess who was sitting on the SAME bench again (or still)?? That's right, the guy I mentioned yesterday. This morning he appeared to be napping, with his head on his briefcase and one of his hands clutching...a jar of peanut butter! I couldn't discern with my fleeting glimpse whether it was crunchy or creamy, but nonetheless I'm growing to like him more with each passing day.

In the evening I had four miles on tap, so I elected to wog to Brooke's condo and meander around Inman Park to attain 30 minutes. However, it stormed all afternoon, and by the time I headed her direction the post-rain heat and humidity was suffocating. I started to feel the typical dizziness/light-headedness I often experience on evening runs, and cut the wog short as a result. Brooke and I also walked Biscuit for a few miles before heading to dinner.

On a personal note, Brooke received a job offer today...for a position in Birmingham...starting in two weeks. While I could not be more excited for her and this wonderful opportunity, I'm also indescribably sad to lose my best friend (whom I was just reunited with a mere 29 days ago, for those of you who are counting). I'm not super keen on the prospect of meeting new people and expanding my social circle, but it looks like that's what I'm going to have to do. Needless to say, I imposed a self-authorized moratorium on the "no drinking during the week" mandate for the occasion (although, truth be told, one could consider Thursday a weekend if one opts not to drink on Sunday, which I shan't be doing this week). Brooke and I enjoyed several grapefruit martinis at Eclipse and several glasses of wine at chez Starr to help assuage our sadness. Not sure that this will help me to attain my training goal, but sometimes that's just not the point.