Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Trails

AM: 57 mins.
8 miles
PM: 26 mins.
3+ miles

This morning I got up early and met Jeff at the river for an easy run. We ran around the dirt loop until we reached the entrance to the Sope Creek trails, where we spent the majority of our run. The time flew by as we followed the rolling single-track trails through the woods. It boggles the mind that we could be smack in the middle of a huge city and yet feel so far from it. This was the most enjoyable run I've had in a while, and we decided to make this a standing plan every Wednesday morning unless travel or other obligations prohibit it.

Sign that marks the turn-around point on my evening run. Not sure
what exactly I was about to enter...Decatur maybe?

In the evening I went for an easy jaunt to make sure the legs stayed loose after the hilly run this morning. Basically retraced the route parallel to Ponce that I ran en route to my hill workout the other day. Of note: for the third time in a row while running this path, I've passed the same guy sitting on one of the benches near the trail in virtually the same position. What's even more odd is that each of these runs have taken place at different times (7am, 9am, and now 6pm today), yet he always seems to be there. He doesn't appear to be homeless and, though he's seated close to the Hare Krishna temple, isn't wearing their traditional robes, so I have no idea what his story is. I'm sure he has one though, and I was kept occupied for the remainder of the run imagining what it could be.