Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Five Double

AM: 52 mins
7 miles
PM: 24 mins
3 miles

Storefronts along Euclid in Little Five Points

I woke up this morning stiff and sore, in equal parts from the killer workout yesterday and from moving. Did the original Candler Park loop. I took it slow and easy and tried to stay relaxed, but legs felt heavy throughout.

In the evening I fashioned a new mini-loop from Brooke's house. I went the back way down Elizabeth, up Euclid through Little Five Points, back up the Freedom Trail and back to her house. For those of you non-Atlantans, it's difficult to picture the ambience of Little Five, but in the afternoon and evening it can best be described as a hippie/goth/bohemian/rock/punk melting pot. And it's always full of characters. To illustrate: as I was wogging through there this evening, I approached a street musician playing the trumpet on the main square. He was facing a pizza place where quite a few people were sitting outside and eating. One of those people, a father with a small daughter, shouted to the musician, "The lady wants to hear Sesame Street!" Without missing a beat, the musician responded, "We got Sesame Street coming up next!" and he proceeded to break into a flawless rendition of the Sesame Street theme song. I ran the next few minutes with a smile on my face and notes from my childhood echoing behind me.
Junkman's Daughter: a Little Five landmark