Tuesday, July 22, 2008

JSK Does the AO

23 min. w/u (3 miles)
4x400 @ ~75
Various pushups, crunches, stairs
20 min. c/d (2.5 miles)
Total: ~7 miles

Jordan wanted to do one workout on the Active Oval while he was here, since it's the greatest training venue ever, so we decided to head down there Tuesday morning. He wanted to do 8-10x800, which works well on the AO as one lap is just a bit over 800m. Since this was the first true day of my "off" week, I was content to spectate the workout and fashion my own little "circuit training" rotation. So, after Jordan started each 800 repeat, I would alternate between running up and down the adjacent stairs or doing pushups or crunches. At the end of his interval I would run back down to the AO and then wog around during his 2-minute recovery.

This worked well for the first half of his workout, but then I started to feel rather bored (and my arms were quite tired from the pushups). For his last four intervals, I decided I would start my watch when he started, then cut across the radius of the circle to meet him at the 400m mark, then run the last 400m of each interval with him. Needless to say, the first one was quite a jolt, as I'm not used to sprinting at that pace, but overall I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Jordan finished each of those four intervals in about 2:30-2:31 (his blog will have more exact splits), with his final 800 in 2:26 (during which he dusted me the last 150m). So I would estimate each of the quarters I ran was approximately 75 seconds, which isn't going to set any records but will be enough to ensure I am sufficiently sore tomorrow.