Sunday, July 13, 2008

On the 7th Day, It Rained

15 miles

I woke early and drove out to the river to do my long run. Certain parties dissuaded me from doubling last night, so I went for a walk instead and decided to extend this run a bit. My schedule called for 12, which would put my weekly mileage at 72, so I thought I'd overachieve and shoot for 15, which would put me at a nice round 75 for the week. I wanted to stay on soft surfaces for most of the run, so the river was the most logical choice.

I did basically the same route I did last week: a loop and a half on the dirt, out to Johnson Ferry and back on Columns, then added a few more dirt loops to extend the run. Overall I felt much better than on my 12-miler last week, which was encouraging. I tied up a bit on the last few miles, which was to be expected since I'm just not used to spending this much time on my feet. The sky grew progressively more overcast during the second half of the run, then opened into a downpour during the last mile. Felt terrific.