Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another Bout of Laziness, Another Guest Blogger

Full disclosure: when I received Jilane's email about donating to her half-marathon fundraising cause, I immediately knew that I wanted to chip in...not just because of some altruistic sentiment or desire to support my friend (although those kernels of compassion do indeed exist somewhere inside me), but because of her pledge to devote an entire blog post solely to commemorating our relationship. And given that the only update to Green Lightning Running within the past month was written by someone else, it's clear that I've yet to muster enough momentum in this new year to actually get back into my regular blogging groove. So, if Jilane wanted to volunteer to pen my next installment for me, then consider my checkbook open.

Brown Senior Week 2008: where the best friendships begin
In fairness, deferring to Jilane in this regard is fitting. After all, as she mentions, we began our marathoning (and blogging) careers together over four years ago, in June of 2008, when Jordan casually made the fortuitous suggestion that Jilane and I ask Coach Jeff "G-Unit" Gaudette to script our first ever marathon training plans. As Jilane so graciously neglects mentioning, this resulted in her crushing our then-ambitious sub-3 hour goal and me dropping out somewhere around the Lincoln Memorial, but nonetheless my competitive distance running drive was sparked and, more importantly, our lifelong friendship was forged. Without Jilane and Jeff there would be no Green Lightning Running, no graduate career at Queens, and arguably no Olympic Trials.

Great minds inadvertently matching at Penn Relays in 2010

Summer 2008: I knew we would be best friends given that we shared the same favorite activities--running and drinking lots of wine
So, if you're interested in taking a walk down memory lane to see how it all began, check out Jilane's ode to Team MJ. If you feel compelled to donate, she'll fabricate a glowing story about you as well. And hey, if we've learned anything here, it's that you never know where that first blog post can take you. 

NYE 2009 in the OC