Monday, July 14, 2008

Emory Run, Take 2

AM: 67 mins
9 miles
PM: 25 mins
3 miles

Emory president's house in Lullwater Park

After checking things out on Google maps, I set out on my second attempt to find the trails at Emory that comprise Lullwater Park. As I suspected, the park entrance was located near the medical school just off Clifton (basically a quarter mile beyond where I gave up looking last week, naturally). It takes about 20 minutes to get there, mostly on sidewalks, but it's completely worth it. As soon as I ran through the park gates on Clifton, it was as if the traffic and commotion on the streets outside completely disappeared. The park is absolutely beautiful, almost completely shaded by trees and foliage, and winds around through the forest, past the Emory president's house and around a small lake. It doesn't feel like you're in the middle of a college campus, much less in a major metro area. I meandered around through the trails for 20-30 minutes before heading back home. I realized I was already at 65 minutes when I reached my apartment, so I added on a few more to make it an even nine miles.

Suspension bridge connecting two trails in Lullwater Park

I went out for a short wog in the PM on the Freedom Trail along Ponce. The weather was quite nice, sunny and breezy with low humidity for once. It felt like one of those days in late summer, just before the seasons change, when you can faintly detect a sharpness to the air hidden just beneath the surface. I'm not getting my hopes up for autumn just yet, but it was a nice reprieve from the sweltering humidity we've been experiencing lately.