Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hump Day Double

AM: 46 mins.

6 miles
PM: 45 mins.
6.5 miles

First thought upon waking up this morning: I wonder how much cereal I have left? Second thought: Crap, my legs are SORE! So apparently the fun, frolicking workout I enjoyed yesterday took more out of me than I thought. My quads felt like a midget had been jumping up and down on them all night (or a non-midget...but I like any analogy involving little people). I gingerly set out for an easy run on the Candler Park loop, modified since I'm now running from my apartment instead of Brooke's. Once I got loosened up the legs felt fine, but I intentionally took it easy on the run. Later this morning I headed to Birmingham for work, and made plans to run with the training group at the Trak Shak, one of my favorite SRAs, in the evening.
The keg at Trak Shak is always primed and ready
Trak Shak has done a great job of getting their group runs off the ground, and tonight about 100 people showed up to run in either the slower group at 5:30 or the quicker group at 6. I ran with the faster group, which comprised about 20 people, and spent most of the run chatting with store owner Scott Strand. We ran through the scenic but crazy hilly streets of Homewood, starting at a pedestrian 8:00 pace and working down to what felt like about 6:40. My legs are still quite sore from yesterday, but it was fun to run with such a large group (most of whom just show up for the free beer). I'm a bit apprehensive about my 5xmile workout tomorrow, but hopefully the legs will recover some before then.