Sunday, July 27, 2008

Time for an Intervention

AM: 73 mins.
10 miles
PM: ~40 min. walk

This morning I tried a new route to Lullwater Park at Emory. Instead of going Briarcliff to N. Decatur to Clifton, I ran up to Ponce and hopped on the bike path until it crossed Clifton near the IMAX at Fernbank. Then I ran along Clifton, which wound around past Druid Hills Golf Club and through the picturesque North Druid Hills neighborhoods, until I reached the park entrance. This route took me ~28 minutes, as opposed to 20 going the other way, but the shoulder is wider here and this route should involve slightly less traffic even during the week, so overall I'd say this is the preffered way to go from now on.

On the way there, I passed something that struck me as funny. As I was running past the Center for Rehabilitation Services building on the Emory campus, I noticed a sign they had in front of the driveway that read: "Welcome to Rehab. Valet Parking." I don't know why, but for some reason I couldn't stop laughing at that for at least five minutes.

After meandering around in the park for 20-25 minutes, I realized I'd have to take the old route home in order to have time to get ready for church. Since it was Sunday, the roads were much quieter than usual, and I enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere. My soreness has diminished greatly (meaning I'm now experiencing moderate discomfort as opposed to severe pain) and I hope to be back to normal by tomorrow.

By the way, after church Brooke and I hit up Highland Bakery for brunch. Of course I ordered the peanut butter french toast, proceeded to gorge myself, then vowed never to eat again.

I think I need a baked goods intervention. Anyone want to take me to rehab? I hear they have valet parking...