Saturday, July 5, 2008

Candler Park Loop

51 mins
7 miles

Nice and easy Saturday run on the same Candler Park loop that Jordan and I ran a few weeks ago. Ran down the Freedom Trail all the way to where it dead ends on Ponce, then back through the Candler Park neighborhoods, up McLendon through Little Five Points, then back up the trail to Brooke's. Legs felt decent after yesterday's effort.

Of note, I spotted a port-a-potty on the corner of McLendon and Ferguson just past the Flying Biscuit. Those of you who know me well know that finding an easily accessible port-a-potty is like finding gold. This one was clean, centrally located and well-stocked with--wait for it--two ply toilet paper. Also, as an added bonus, the house construction that necessitated said port-a-potty looked to be just beginning, which means I should be able to count on this as a stable option for many weeks to come.