Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reverse Candler Park Loop

55 mins.
7.5 miles

I'm still indescribably sore from the other day, which is pathetic, and my run today was pretty miserable. Put simply, every step hurt. I felt marginally better once I warmed up after a few miles, but I was pretty much counting down the minutes the entire time. I ran the Candler Park loop backwards, then added on a bit in the Highlands before heading home. Normally I would've wogged around for five more minutes to make it an even hour, but I was having none of it today.

Just a few minutes after arriving home, Brooke messaged me to see if I wanted to come over for breakfast. Naturally I decided to forego the shower and head straight over, where we enjoyed french toast and eggs and taters and coffee. If nothing else, this week has lived up to my hopes of being very breakfast-intensive (and I'm sure my scale, if I owned one, would reflect this). Afterwards we decided to take Biscuit for a walk and burn off 1/40th of our caloric intake, so we did our usual three-mile loop around Inman Park. Finally made it home for a much-needed shower around 3pm...classy.