Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week in Review

72 miles
(and a few long walks with Brooke's dog)

Week 3, done and done. This was my highest mileage week thus far, and my legs are still feeling pretty spry (excluding the death march that was miles 9-12 this morning). This was also my first week back in the ATL, and it's been fun revisiting some old training routes and plotting new ones. Once I'm settled into my place next week, I'll definitely have to invent a few new loops. And I haven't even been down to the Active Oval yet, which was Jordan's and my clutch discovery a few weeks ago, so I've still got that to look forward to. It's definitely not as hot here as it was in Texas, but the humidity can be equally oppressive. The depressing part is we're still looking at 2-3 months where it's not going to get any better. But I suppose that will make me tougher...right? At any rate, training is still going well and no injuries are on the horizon (knock on wood), so I can't really complain. Even though I probably will anyway.


Gabriel Rodriguez said...

Great mileage week, Meagan. Press on...