Sunday, July 27, 2008

Week in Review

~49-50 miles
8 mile hike (that effectively maimed me)
several long walks
ball girl at pickleball match

Well, I definitely heeded my coach's advice and took advantage of this "down" week. My mileage was significantly lower than it has been in recent memory and I actually took a day off (!!) from running. It was great to have Jordan to run with this week, especially on my workout attempt(s). I'm hoping to enlist Jeff Campbell to help me on some of my upcoming workouts, as he is trying to get back in shape and has offered to pace me through some of my faster stuff.

Also of note, my new life officially begins tomorrow. This consists of kicking off the true "marathon training" portion of this training block, limiting my alcohol intake to weekends only, and giving my diet a serious overhaul. I submitted my registration for MCM a few days ago, which means this is really happening. Time to get down to business.