Thursday, July 10, 2008

Briarcliff Double

AM: 51 mins
~7 miles
PM: 27 mins
3+ miles

I set off this morning on my first run from my new apartment. I decided to run toward Emory in hopes of locating a trail on campus that I'd run a few times previously. The problem was, I'd only been on that trail with other people and I really had no idea how to get there. Unfortunately I ended up timing the run perfectly to coincide with the traffic headed to work/school, and I ended up having to stop multiple times at lights and crossings. Not ideal. Worst of all, I never found the trail (although I'm pretty sure I was close...I was on Clifton at one point and I think that's where it is) and ended up running on sidewalks for the majority of the run. Also not ideal. If anything, the upside was I got to explore a new neighborhood. Guess I'll have to go home and research the trail location on google like I should've done before I set out.

Went for an easy run in the PM. It rained in the afternoon, so the air was humid but quite cool. I did a short loop through my neighborhood, up Highland, down Ponce and went out and back on the trail for a bit. Saw a few Hare Krishnas lounging in robes (or whatever they wear) outside their temple; also saw a group of Indian kids playing cricket in the park, and a protest of sorts gearing up at the Moreland-Briarcliff intersection (something about McCain and oil? I didn't stop to ask follow-up questions). All in all it was a relaxed, easy day. Felt good.


Jilane said...

sounds like my first attempt to find the Canal. I just try and convince myself at the very least I looked like I knew what I was doing. Fooled anyone looking.