Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inman Park Run

75 mins
10 miles

I hit the ground running at 6am to meet my friend Kristin and a few other people for an early run. Kristin is a girl I ran with occasionally when I lived here before, and since we will now be living less than a mile away from each other, I hope to tag along with her on a regular basis.

I jumped on the Freedom Trail, ran down Highland, and met them where Highland crosses Virginia. We ran back up Highland toward Inman Park and then meandered through the neighborhoods there. Crossed through Little Five, ran down Euclid for a few miles, and from there I lost the street names and just followed them. Somehow we ended up back at the Virginia-Highland intersection and I ran home from there. A word about the hills: they're pretty real. As in, I fully expect to be sore after this first week of running here. I'm hoping they'll accelerate my path to fitness and general badass-ness, so I'm viewing them as a welcome challenge. I definitely enjoyed having people to run with as well, and will try to make that happen on easy runs and long runs for sure.