Monday, July 7, 2008

The Hills Are Alive

AM: 60 mins

8 miles
PM: 3 mile walk w/Brooke and Biscuit
This morning I awoke bright and early to get in a quick run before the movers FINALLY arrived with all my belongings. I'm typing this from the kitchen counter in my new apartment, as it's currently the only surface I have on which to set my computer. Decided to do the loop through Candler Park that I did last Wednesday, only backwards this time to see which direction was "easier" (read: less hilly). Answer: neither. Good times. Though the pace was easy, the legs were a bit tight on the uphill sections, but it was a beautiful morning and I was glad to be out. May do a quick shakeout tonight from my new place, even though it's not on the sched...we'll see. For now I must tend to the movers and hope they don't tumble down the rather precarious stairway that leads up to my apartment. Fingers crossed.
Didn't end up running in the afternoon. After walking up and down those stairs about 20 times going to and from the dumpster, I was absolutely exhausted and aching all over. Thank goodness I don't have to do manual labor on a regular basis. Instead, Brooke and I took Biscuit on a nice long walk through Inman Park.