Sunday, July 20, 2008

8k Tempo Attempt #1

67 mins
9 miles

According to my coach, the plan for today was "Sunday: Kick JoKin's ass." Which translates to, "Make Jordan sacrifice his own workout to pace you through 8k at a speed he could run backwards." Lucky for me, Jordan was willing to do so, and I was perfectly amenable to having him set the pace.

After picking Jordan up and going out for a late dinner Saturday night, we were understandably slow to get going on Sunday morning. By the time we got down to the Shelby Bottoms greenway around 9am, it was well over 85 degrees and unbearably humid. Didn't look promising for my workout. We warmed up and decided to push through one mile and then Jordan would make the call. I hit the first mile in 6:10, then split half of the second mile in 3:10. That's when we decided to scrap it. To continue to push in that weather would've resulted in my passing out and Jordan having to piggy-back me to the car, which none of us (least of all Jordan) wanted. So we decided to continue at any easy pace and run the workout early on Monday at the river back in Atlanta.

Even after finishing up an "easy" run, I still felt near death. Or at least heat stroke. The weather conditions were the worst in recent memory, and I was thankful I didn't push through the workout after all.