Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving Day

AM: 43 mins.
6 miles
PM: 4 miles

The fact that we had a chance to run at all today, much less double, is nothing short of a miracle. We received a call yesterday around 5pm confirming that we needed to be out of Jordan's apartment that night--we thought we'd have until Monday morning--and at that point we had literally NOTHING packed. Naturally, this threw me straight into panic mode, especially since we were both tied up at work until 7. Needless to say, we spent the next 12 hours packing, throwing crap away, taking trips to the storage unit and stuffing my car to the brim. Somehow we managed to snag 4-5 hours of sleep in there, but we were up and at it before 6 on Saturday and the apartment was completely vacated by 8:30.

So, from there we had nowhere to go. We were officially homeless. Our improvised plan of action was to drive over to Scotty's sister's house and hope for the best. She lives right across the way from OK Runner and we were hoping to take a quick shower there before work. This afforded us just enough time to get in a run and, despite both of our overwhelming fatigue, I think we both felt worlds better afterward.

I was only on at the running store until early afternoon, so just before 4 I had the chance to sneak in another few miles. Seeking out soft surfaces, I drove over to Norman High and was content to run loops around the grassy perimeter of the school. I ran s-l-o-w, didn't even start my watch, and I doubt a single one of my miles was faster than 8 minutes. No worries though, as I was loving the relaxed pace and the soft surface. I didn't even notice the heat despite it being 90+ degrees outside, and would've enjoyed running a few more loops if I didn't have to get back to Scotty's sister's house to shower before our sushi crawl in the city.

And on the matter of the sushi crawl, let's just say that was an experience that deserves a completely separate post. Stay tuned...


Suzanne said...

So where ARE you sleeping? I hope not in your tiny car or on the track. Take care, both of you. xo, S

mrn said...

haha neither, we are staying with our friend spencer in the city. things are a bit hectic but all is well! thanks for checking in.