Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Morning Fun

3 mile w/u
4-4.5 miles barefoot incl. 4x100m barefoot strides
2.5 mile c/d
Total: ~10 miles

I won't steal Jordan's thunder and share too much info about his workout, except to say that he ran very, very well. But who cares about that when I can regale you with the tales of my backwards barefoot laps? Exactly.

To begin with, this was hands down the best weather of the entire week. Low 60s with a light breeze and low humidity is just about perfect by anyone's standards, and I was glad for Jordan's sake that his tempo was scheduled for today. As for myself, I felt pretty fantastic due in no small part to the weather, but also to the energy on the track. I saw Jordan (and Scotty D., ever the gamer, pacing the effort on his trusty bicycle) as we crossed paths on every lap, and though I never let things get out of conrol I certainly fed off their energy. Sometimes I get bored by the monotony of continuous loops on the infield, but today I was totally engaged and thoroughly enjoyed every step.