Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweltering Sunday at Sutton

81 mins.
11 miles

I was feeling slightly less than chipper when my alarm rudely awoke me at 7 this morning, owing to an evening of (too much?) fun on Saturday with friends. Lucky for me, the person I was meeting to run was also among the fraternizing group of the previous evening, so both Kristi and myself were content with taking things slowly at the outset. During the first few miles I could think of little other than my pounding head, but once we entered the tranquil shade at Sutton I started to feel much better.

The run passed quickly, but by halfway we were both pretty parched. (So was the basketball-sized turtle we spotted hunkered down in the mud near the pond. We spent a few minutes pointing him in the direction of agua before continuing on our way.) Kristi's knee was acting up a bit--she injured it earlier in the week trying to dodge an irresponsible driver who nearly plowed into her despite Kristi having both the light and the "walk" signal--and when we exited Sutton around mile 9 she was contemplating throwing in the towel. We made it another mile down the street before she stopped to walk it off. Surprisingly I was feeling better at this point in the run than at any other, despite my thirst and the ~90 degree temperature, but was still content to call it a day when I reached Main Street.

By the way, Jordan was still asleep when I got home and was in no way interested in going out for his 14-miler. I'll let him tell you the story in his blog...stay tuned.