Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week in Review

58-59 miles
1 day off
3 doubles
4 airports (YVR, DEN, DFW, OKC)
2 afternoons poolside

Despite throwing in an unusually high number of doubles, the mileage was conservative this week due to no long run and Monday's cross-training. This was intended to be a week of rest and recovery after last Sunday's half, and I feel successful in accomplishing that. Next week I hope to kick up the mileage just a bit and throw in a few workouts. I also want to make a concerted effort to be diligent with the core, strides and barefoot running like we have been the past few weeks. It seems as though a miniature cool front has blown into town, which should make things much more enjoyable. Life is pretty darn good right now.