Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nice and Easy

90 mins.
12 miles

Sometimes you just need an easy, relaxed girl-paced run. If you spend most of your time running with super-fast boys, you don't get these runs nearly often enough. Fortunately I had a chance to take in a morning jaunt with Jenny G. today, and my leggies definitely appreciated the slower pace. I'm already a bit sore from my hill frolicking yesterday and Jenny is still trying to shake a cold, so neither of us were pushing the tempo out there. Instead we were content to meander around town, taking in some familiar sights like Andrews Park, the GT and the OU campus before dropping her back at her car at the hour mark. Once on my own, I moseyed along the grass on Jenkins, down Imhoff and up Chatauqua before connecting back up with Jenkins and heading home.

Despite the relaxed pace I was more than ready to finish up this run, and upon arriving back at Main Street I immediately initiated the recovery process by downing the apple fritter Jordan purchased at Donut King the previous evening. Once he returned from his own outing we headed up to Panera for some coffee and newspaper action with Scotty D. and Jenny. Gotta love relaxing Sunday mornings when the long run is already in the bank.