Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday at the Museum

AM: 58 mins.
8 miles
PM: 3 miles

The constant drizzle and pervasive overcast skies made this a perfect day to stay inside. Fortunately, we'd coordinated in advance to take a private tour of the OKC Memorial Museum with Stacey, the developmental director there whom Jordan and I met at the marathon sponsors' luncheon a few weeks ago. Stacey showed the four of us around the museum and did an amazing job of bri
nging it to life. To say we were moved is an understatement, and I for one was unprepared by the level of raw emotion I experienced during our two-hour stay. Simply amazing. Anyone reading this who resides in the greater OKC area, I definitely recommend taking in this experience.

The survivor tree at the OKC Memorial Museum

We capped off Gary and Roger's last night in town with a fun evening at Gaijin with Scotty, Craig and Carolyn. Great conversation and good times were had by all, and we could've hung out for hours longer if it wasn't already past 10 and if we weren't already closing the place down.


Kevin Balance said...

Appreciated the picture of the Survivor Tree....I put your blog on my list of ones I follow. I'm looking forward to un-boring posts. Good start today.