Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Camp StuCat

AM: 52 mins.
7+ miles
PM: 31 mins.
4+ miles

So, my morning run was kind of a big deal today. It marked the first time I've had the privilege of running with both the men's AND women's champions of the OKC Marathon. I know, I know, you're jealous. But seriously, I had a lovely run with Jordy and Cat up in the city today. The three of us plus Cat's newly-wed husband Stu are attending a luncheon for the OKC Marathon sponsors later this morning, so we planned to come up early and put in a few miles on the roads first. Cat took us on the trademark "StuCat" loop through OKC, much of which took place on or near parts of the marathon course. As a result, I basically got to relive the glorious details of the marathon vicariously through both of them as we reenacted it on our jog. Good times.

Jordan and Cat: Marathon Victors

After a few hours of relaxing, which included showers, coffee, primping and le Tour viewing, Stu came home from work to pick us up and head to the luncheon, which was to be held at the Memorial Museum. None of us had viewed the exhibits inside the museum before, and it was pretty amazing to see. We also found out later that Cat and Jordan are actually featured on a panel in the museum as the winners of this year's marathon, and the museum director was kind enough to allow me to snap a quick photo of it even though flash photography is strictly prohibited...apparently the perks of dating the marathon winner know no bounds.

The luncheon itself was a great time, and I walked away with a much fuller comprehension of and appreciation for the Memorial Museum and the marathon itself. Everyone involved seems truly dedicated to turning the marathon into more than just another race, but really focusing on the experience of honoring those who passed away in the bombing and celebrating the strength and resilience of their city. I have to be honest; in Jordan's leadup to the marathon and on race day I wasn't thinking much about any of those things, but I left the memorial today knowing I would never forget the legacy of the 168 people who lost their lives on April 19, 1995.

Jordan dazzled the crowd with his wit and charm

We spent the rest of the day at Camp StuCat (aka Cat and Stu's house) drinking iced lattes and chatting, and by 6pm it became apparent that not only were we sticking around for our second run of the day, but most likely for dinner as well. For our second jaunt we were graced by Stu's presence and enjoyed a windy out-and-back go through the surrounding neighborhoods. We capped off the day with tacos, brownies and more Tour watching before Jordan and I finally wore out our welcome around 10. All in all this was a fantastic day with great friends and a few runs thrown in for good measure.