Wednesday, July 22, 2009


AM: 57 mins incl. 3 miles uptempo (~6:30 pace)
8 miles
15 mins. core/stretching
PM: 3 mile walk...

...and trust me, I'm counting that walk as something. Not miles, but perhaps calories? We ate one flapjack too many for "breakfast for dinner" and needed to walk it off., so I suggested we hoof it to McDonald's to pick out a Red Box selection. By the time we returned home my stomach felt a bit less distended, so I suppose I accomplished what I set out for.

The morning run was fine, although being the genius that I am, I picked the only section of the run that was entirely into the wind and gradually uphill to do my "uptempo" miles. Oh well, it's about the effort, and I certainly felt challenged. Actually my legs were decent but the breathing was a bit more ragged than I would've liked. But hey, put it on the board.