Sunday, August 2, 2009

Week in Review

70-71 miles
9 miles barefoot
1 night homeless

10 trips to the storage unit
00 (at least) pieces of sushi

I was pleased with the way this week turned out, as I succeeded in kicking up the mileage a bit while not compromising the quality. I got in a solid uptempo effort and plenty of barefoot running, which always makes me happy. Next week is a bit up in the air--confounding factors include our aformentioned homelessness, the busiest week of work all summer at OK Runner, and the impending trip back to Charlotte--so while I'm hoping for another solid block of training, I'm also realistic about the possibility that it just might not happen. We'll see.

Carolyn and Craig enjoying tasty food and beverage at Sushi Neko

Without a doubt, the highlight of this week was last night's sushi crawl in the city. Jordan and I joined Scotty, Spencer, Craig and Carolyn, Carolyn's oldest son Robbie, and their friend Bart for an epic night of raw cuisine at several of OKC's finest Japanese establishments. We kicked things off at Kang's, where we enjoyed edamame, a few rolls and some Japanese beer. From there it was on to our featured establishment, Sushi Neko. The place was packed, the vibe was great and the sushi was awesome. Simply great. I've been to a plethora of sushi joints in my time and can easily put this one in the top 5. If anything, the one down side here was that we ate so much we couldn't make it to our planned final destination, Tokyo. Maybe next time.

Spencer and Scotty are so high on life right now.

Though our sushi stomachs were full after Neko, apparently some people's drinking stomachs were not, and the talk quickly turned to where our next stop would be. Spencer suggested the Lobby Bar next door and off we went. While the bar was hopping, we quickly discovered that the real action was taking place in the adjacent banquet room. That's where a lucky couple was celebrating their day of wedded bliss with a few hundred of their closest friends. Alas, the reception was closed to outsiders like us, but only until Carolyn and I managed to score an invite from one of the reception's patrons as he returned to the reception from the restroom. The rest of our group managed to straggle in as our groupies, and before I knew it Carolyn and I were down front participating in the bouquet toss with the rest of the female guests.

At this point allow me to say that I've never crashed a wedding before, nor have I ever really considered it much of an option, but we had an absolute blast. We sang, we danced, we stole things (namely wedding favors, and perhaps a goldfish or two from one of the centerpieces). The highlight just might have been posing for a photo with the bride and imagining what her reaction will be a month from now when she flips through her wedding album and stares in bewilderment at the photo of her and a
half dozen total strangers. Classic.

Yup, there's a live goldfish in there.

I will close with a great story from the evening, which Jordan no doubt appreciates more than any of us. Early on in the reception, the young chap who invited Carolyn and me in graciously offered to buy us a drink. Not one to turn down such hospitality, we accepted. We exchanged pleasantries as we walked up to the bar and somehow the topic of running came up. The guy mentioned he had just run OKC as his first marathon and...wait for it...Carolyn pointed across the way to Jordan and said, "Guess what, he's the guy who won the marathon this year." Our gentleman friend stared, squinted for a minute, then widened his eyes in amazement as he said, "Oh wow. Is that...Jordan Kinley?!?!"

Aaaand that's how I learned that the guy I was flirting with to score a free drink was, in fact, more interested in my boyfriend than he was in me. Sigh.

Wedding think the jeans are a tip-off?


Jilane said...

I don't know if I've mentioned recently enough that I love you and miss you. (Jordan's okay too.)


Suzanne said...

PRICELESS! Keep writing, Girlfriend, you have a gift. And please tell Jilane I'd like an invite to enter her (top secret) Blog.