Monday, August 10, 2009

Ketchup Post

Sunday: Off
Saturday: 65 mins. (9 miles)
Friday: 8 miles
Thursday: Off
Wednesday: 8 miles AM, 4 miles PM
Wed-Sat: 10+ hours working the sidewalk sale at OK Runner

So, if I were a truly dedicated blogger I would recap each of these runs (or, as you can see, lack thereof) in detail. Unfortunately I'm typing this at 3pm on Monday, after having just endured 5 hours of NCAA compliance meetings preceded by a 20-hour drive on 3 hours of sleep. So, needless to say, I'm just not in the mood. The good news is I'm finally back in Charlotte and in the process of getting settled and will return to form shortly.

As best I can remember, most of these runs took place in OKC from our temporary home base at Spencer's casa. The two off days were simply unavoidable and, honestly, probably best for my body in the long run. Thursday morning I was awakened by a wet nose poking me in the arm--no, Jordan wasn't drooling on me, but Spencer's dog Chelsea was quite the fraidy cat (dog?) and was begging to jump into bed with us because of a storm raging outside. I obliged her and reset my alarm for a few minutes later than its previous setting, hoping the weather would pass, but the heavy rain and accompanying thunder/lightning didn't abate until well after we'd arrived at work. Even Jordan, who normally ridicules me for feeling like I'm going to melt in the rain, wasn't up for braving the monsoon. After a 12-hour workday at the sidewalk sale we were too exhausted to seriously contemplate running, and when Gus offered to buy everyone a round at Louie's we needed to hear no more.

Sunday was off because it consisted solely of driving. We left OKC just after 6am and didn't arrive at our interim destination, Birmingham, until after 6pm. At that point all we had time for was dinner with our gracious hostess Brooke and a 3-hour "nap" before waking up just before 1am and getting back in the car. We arrived in Charlotte at 8:20am on Monday, just in time for my 8:30 NCAA meeting, exhausted and wearing the same clothes we'd donned over 24 hours earlier.

On that note, it's time for either a shower or a nap. Maybe both. Perhaps a snack. Will update more later.