Monday, August 3, 2009

AM: 8 miles
PM: 3 miles

So it looks like for the time being our home base will be Spencer's pad in OKC. Huge props to him and his roomies for taking us in and so graciously hosting us for the next few days. The plus side for us (in addition to, you know, not living in my car or on the Norman High track as Jordan's mom feared) is we get to explore some new places on our runs this week. He also lives literally 200 yards from the Bishop McGuinness high school track, which should come in handy as well. Today's run found us meandering through Nichols Hills, the most affluent neighborhood in town. I realize this doesn't impress most of you, but having lived in major cities with major affluent areas such as Dallas, Atlanta and Charlotte, I can vouch for the grandeur of some of these homes.

Despite the scenery, I was thoroughly convinced from my first few steps that this was going to be a death march. We got out the door even later than yesterday and the humidity wasn't nearly as forgiving today. In a word, it was sweltering. That said, we enjoyed a breeze for much of the run, and it wasn't until the last mile straight into the wind (funny how it changes from "breeze" to "wind" depending on which direction you're going) that I really started hurting.

I was desperate for a pedestrian pace this evening, which worked perfectly because Spencer was looking to get in an easy few miles. We agreed to let Jordan tag along if he didn't press the pace, and fortunately he complied. This was nice and relaxed, despite my persistent side stitch. I think I was geting poked by one of the dozens of sweet potato fries I'd enjoyed at McNellie's less than two hours prior. We capped off the evening with a visit to StuCat and some quality time with our new roomies.