Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Honest Day's Work (Not Workout)

AM: 30 mins. pool
PM: 35 mins. ellip.

I put in an honest day's work at the running shop today, and by the time I got off work past 4pm I wasn't too pumped about going to work out. Nonetheless, Jordan swung by to pick me up and we headed up to school, him to run and me to ellipticize. Imagine my chagrin when I saw that the fitness center--which, keep in mind, had only opened for business at noon--would be closing for the evening at 5pm. 5pm?!?! Seriously?? By the time I changed clothes and made my way back to the cardio room it was nearing 4:45 and I was quite frustrated. I contemplated not even making the effort but I decided to hop on a machine anyway and bang it out for as long as I was allowed. In the end, 35 minutes was all I was afforded--which was actually a bit of a gift, considering the guy who was manning the fitness center stayed open a few minutes later because he was working out as well--and, to be honest, my efforts were so half-hearted anyway that I was (secretly) grateful for the excuse. Jordan and I capped off the trip to campus with a visit to the dining hall and a free meal for the evening.