Friday, August 21, 2009

Water Aerobics...But Wait, There's More

AM: 45 mins. pool incl. 10x2 min. on, 1 min. off
PM: 50 mins. elliptical

Today's pool workout was pretty unremarkable. My favorite part was when the grandmother came with her two grandsons and said, "Boys, stay away from that lady. She's doing water aerobics." Which is when it hit me that I was, indeed, doing water aerobics. FML.

On the other hand, I passed the afternoon elliptical section with a smile on my face because:

A) I got a job! I found out via phone a few minutes into my workout that I will be the newest part-time employee at Run For Your Life here in Charlotte. Last semester I managed to procrastinate my job hunt until, well, never, so I'm super excited to have the chance to sell some kicks and make a few bucks this time around.
B) Chandler highlighted my hair! Well, the time of my workout was pre-hairstyling, but I was excited about heading straight to her apartment after my elliptical sesh.
C) And, oh yeah, Jordan decided to move two weeks early! I took a call from him around 1, informing me that he was escaping Oklahoma in a Ford Escape and was headed my way. Best. Surprise. Ever.

So yeah, for a day that started with fairly inauspicious beginnings, Friday turned out to be pretty awesome.