Sunday, August 16, 2009

Probably Not My Smartest Idea

50 mins. (6.5 miles)
2 mile walk

When I woke up this morning my hip felt noticeably better than the previous day. This made me happy, since I didn't want to miss out on yet another run at Moses Cone while everyone else did their long runs. Originally I was also supposed to go long, but at this point I would take anything as opposed to sitting it out yet again. Plus, it was an absolutely gorgeous day--sunny, slightly cool, and a touch less humid than in previous days.

The run started out at a conservative pace around Bass Lake with Jess, Jenna, Holly and Maraya (an incoming freshman), then halfway around the lake we took one of the side trails that would wind gradually up the mountain. They had plans to run all the way up to the fire tower, while I was hoping to make it up to the Manor with Jess before turning around. The trail is literally uphill the entire way until you choose to turn around, gaining altitude all the while, so the 8-minute pace we managed going up felt harder than the watch would suggest. My hip felt okay but not great going up, and every few steps I would feel a twinge of discomfort. Probably not good.

Gorgeous view of the Manor from Bass Lake

After stopping to stretch and admire the view at the Manor, Jess and I turned around to begin the descent back to the lake. Aaand that's when the level of discomfort increased from around a 2 to, oh I'd say about a 6-7. The downhill was way worse than the uphill, which I suppose I could've conjectured ahead of time, but of course stupid me refused to be patient. Oh well. Decided to walk a few loops around the lake when I returned, with the combined intention of keeping my hip loose and killing time while everyone else finished their runs. Oh, and to snap a few pictures.

Bass Lake scenery--could be a postcard.

I should probably take a few days off when I get back to Charlotte.


Mad said...

Take a few days off! Be careful! Please!

Owen said...

Were you guys at camp at Zap?

Meagan Nedlo said...

we didn't stay at zap, but did a few of our runs at moses cone which is where they run. we stayed a bit farther up in altitude, past boone, in a small town called beech mountain. according to simmons it's the highest point in the eastern us.