Thursday, August 13, 2009

Up To the Mountains

AM: 30 min. walk
PM: 55 min. pool (5 min. w/u, 10x1 min. on, 1 min. off, 10x2 min. on, 2 min. off)

Well, I've officially screwed up my hip flexor. Tried to go out for an AM jaunt with Jordan but only made it a few awkward steps before deciding that this was a no go. I opted to go for a walk around Myers Park instead in hopes of shaking things out. I was pretty bummed, since this would have been my last chance to run with Jordan before he heads back to OK for the rest of the month, but I definitely made the smart choice.

Just after 1pm I met the rest of the xc team at school, bid Jordan farewell, and climbed aboard the turtle top for a trip to the mountains. We will be spending the remainder of the weekend at 5,000 ft. up in Banner Elk, and getting in runs at places like Moses Cone Park in Blowing Rock (where ZAP trains) and Grandfather Mountain. Should be a good time, assuming my hip cooperates. That said, in keeping with my theme for the day of not being a huge dummy, I skipped out on the team's run at Moses Cone this afternoon and instead detoured to a nearby outdoor swimming pool. Armed with my water belt and the $3 entry fee, I set out to do some aquajogging while the rest of the team ran. Though I wouldn't necessarily call this a super fun experience, at the very least I felt like I was doing something productive on the day. Guess in that respect it can't be considered a total loss.

Tomorrow morning we're slated to do a tempo/predator run at the cinder track on Grandfather Mountain. I'm hoping things feel better by then, as I would love to get out there and push the pace for a bit. We'll see. In the meantime I plan on putting the hot tub to use at the super nice house where we're staying. Strictly for therapeutic properties, of course.