Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lake Hefner Long Run

88 mins.
12 miles

After last night's revelry and merriment, all the denizens of Chez Spencer were understandably slow movers this morning. I personally didn't stir until well after 9, and our group didn't mobilize for some physical activity until nearly 10. Even at that, things got off to a rocky start
, as our two cyclists (Spencer and Scotty) were confounded by a flat tire and a bloody nose less than a mile out of the gate. Once we finally got everyone fixed up, Jordan and I headed out to the lake in Scotty's car with the peloton in hot pursuit.

Minutes later, Jordan and I were parked at Stars and Stripes Park and ready to embark on a little jog. A loop around the lake the way we navigated it came in at just under 10 miles, and since I was looking for 12 and he 16 we decided a loop together would be a good star
t. The late start time meant temps were already soaring into the upper 80s, but fortunately the humidity was down and a strong breeze throughout kept things bearable.

After a slow start we began clicking off the miles and I felt pretty good. That changed when we hit a long section across a bridge, probably 2-3 miles in total, that turned us directly into the wind. We hit 7 miles right at 50 minutes, and at that point I could tell Jordan was just as eager to speed up as I was to back off so I told him to go on ahead. From there on out I was content to wog it in at a much more pedestrian pace. The last few miles weren't pretty as the heat finally started to get to me, but luckily the run
was brief enough to prevent me from falling too far into the hurt tank.

Top chefs

The best part about the run was undoubtedly the brunch that the boys whipped up for us afterwards, followed by some serious R&R in the afternoon. Nothing better than enjoying the simple pleasures of a lazy Sunday with friends.