Friday, August 28, 2009

Predatory Elliptical

AM: 60 mins. ellip. incl. 20 mins. hard
PM: 25 mins. pool

I did my predator "run" on the elliptical today and went really hard (as lame as that sounds). As a result, I was the excessively sweaty kid breathing waaaay too hard for the fitness center and making everyone else around me uncomfortable. Good stuff.


scooter donut said...

What's are the chances of you getting any imagery done of that hip. I would assume that if it persists, an x-ray would show something in a week or 2. What's the deal w/ Queens athletic trainers and some soft tissue treatment? I will definitely hope to head in yous twos direction sometime for a visit.

mrn said...

scooter, i did get a few x-rays at greenapple which didn't show much. if it were a fracture i'd need an mri to show that and those are $$$$ so we are holding off until absolutely necessary. as of now it's responding well to laser, electric stim, art and a few other tricks so we are optimistic it's only muscular. also the queens training room sucks and i avoid it at all costs.