Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy Bee

60 mins. elliptical
15 mins. core

Jordan's coming today!!!

In light of this fact, I spent most of the morning/early afternoon cleaning, organizing and otherwise attempting to prepare for his arrival. The good thing is, I got a lot done and the apartment looks great. The bad thing is, I kinda don't think we have room for the Ford Escape-ful of belongings he is supposedly bringing with him. Hmm.

By early afternoon I told Jilane I absolutely must go work out, and requested that she hold me accountable for doing an entire hour (i.e. eternity) on the elliptical. Once I got on there I decided it would be easier/funner if I started with 15 mins. warmup, then did some core (hey core, remember me? I used to exercise you two or three times a week until about a month ago?), then hopped back on the torture machine for another 45. My plan worked brilliantly and actually made the entire outing manageable from both a mental and physical perspective. Oh, and the range of motion in the hip region is greatly improved as well. In all areas, things are looking up.