Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Worst Case Scenario

AM: Laziness
PM: 50 mins. ellip.
Chiro appt.
25 mins. ellip.

I woke up this morning at the leisurely hour of 9:00 and thought, "Why?" As in, why would I go do the pool this morning? I don't really want to. It's not really going to preserve my fitness that much. I'd rather drink coffee and feel sorry for myself. So, naturally, that's what I did.

Things picked up a bit in the afternoon, and around 3pm I headed up to school for a double elliptical sesh with a chiro break sandwiched in between. To be honest, I left this appointment at Greenapple's feeling a bit discouraged, as he said at this point he can't rule out that I might have a femoral stress fracture. In my mind that would be worst case scenario, as it would mandate me taking 8-10 weeks off and basically end my xc season before it begins. (Sound familiar? Oh, yeah, that's basically what happened to me in outdoor track last semester. Sweet.) He said he's 75/25 in favor of it being muscular rather than bone but at this point the only way to rule it out definitively is to get an MRI, which he and I and everyone else knows I can't afford. In the meantime he's going to treat it as aggressively as possible assuming that it's not a fracture, but of course my mind has immediately latched onto this worst case scenario as being a certainty. If there's ever a time for positive thinking it would be now, so any well wishes sent telepathically to my right leg would be greatly appreciated.


Suzanne said...

Meagan, I'm holding high watch & all positive thoughts for perfect, rapid & complete healing of your leg.

mrn said...

thanks, suzanne! i appreciate it!

Mad said...

keeping my fingers crossed