Thursday, August 20, 2009

There Is a Light

AM: 30 mins. pool
PM: 45 mins. ellip

So today's cross-training was a bit lackluster, to be honest, but I'm okay with it because I think I had a semi-breakthrough. Simmons got me in with a great sports chiropractor today, Dr. Greenapple, whose office happens to be literally around the corner from where I live. I could pretty much walk there if I wanted to. Anyway, the good news is the doc said there's nothing neurological going on that's causing my hip flexor problems. Actually, the hip pain isn't really coming from the hip at all (which is how these things always seem to work out), but rather as a result of several muscle groups in my leg and glute that aren't firing properly. After some laser therapy, some ART, a few back cracks and an application of super-badass Kinesiotape, I felt noticeably better. Even just while I was in his office I could tell my range of motion was greatly improved. Don't think it's a big accomplishment to be able to lift your knee to 90 degrees? Well then, you've definitely never experienced a problem like mine. I don't think this is going to be an instant magic bullet remedy, but the doc suggested that if I see him Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week he believes I'll be good as new. This was definitely a positive way to round out what has been an otherwise uninspired (and uninspiring) week on the sidelines.