Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Flamingo attacking Rainbow Brite

59 mins.
8 miles

After speaking with Jeff yesterday, we thought it would be best to forge ahead with my training and try to capitalize on my current fitness level for the rest of the fall/winter. For that reason, he thought it advisable for me to jump right back on the workout bandwagon with a 6xmile effort today. I was all about it until I woke up to 36 degree temps and the beginnings of a cold. That's right, after warding off his germs as long as possible, I think I'm finally succumbing to the sickness that Jordan has been dealing with all week. Awesome.

Anyway, because of the cooler temps and me feeling notso hotso, I decided to postpone the workout and visit some accounts in the morning. By 3pm, it was a beautiful 65 degrees outside and I knew I needed to get the run taken care of. I was still feeling under the weather and opted to just take another easy da
y. I jogged down to Piedmont, ran a few miles on the crushed gravel surface of the AO, then headed back home. I had more important things to take care of, namely figuring out a costume for the Halloween party I was attending with Brooke. I'll bet you can guess what I decided on.

Not a bad improvised flamingo costume, if I do say so myself