Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bidding Adieu to Balboa Park

90 mins.
11-12 miles

On our last morning in San Diego, Jordan and I decided to go on a long-ish run and expl
ore a few more sections of the park. This was by far my favorite run in San Diego, as we spent most of the time wandering around with no idea of where we were or where we were going yet being perfectly content.

The Prado fountain at sunrise

During the course of the run we ran through or past the Prado, the Haunted Trail, the sports complex with the velodrome, the Balboa Park Golf Course and several other dirt and rock trails. Several portions of this run were up and down steep embankments and also through some wooded areas (most of which seemed to take us in rather convoluted circles and ended up depositing us right back where we'd entered them). We kept the pace pretty uptempo on the flats, but there were plenty of hills and uneven footing to slow us down.

Balboa Park trails

After the run it was back to Hillcrest to shower and eat breakfast before heading to the airport. I was sad to see the vacation come to an end, but what a fantastic week.