Friday, October 17, 2008

A Real Actual Day Off. No, Seriously.

This day started with the best of intentions. Jim and Meredith both had the day off, so we planned to meet a tad later than usual at the river for a wog followed by breakfast. About halfway there, the rain started falling. And, as I type this almost 12 hours later, it hasn't stopped since. So anyway, I made the call to Jim that went something like, "I'm just throwing this out there. Feel free to throw it right back. But what do you say we skip the whole running part and just go straight to breakfast?" Fortunately they were happy to comply, so fifteen minutes later we were enjoying coffee and seasonal pastry items (pumpkin bagel with peanut butter for me, plain bagel with pumpkin cream cheese for Mere, and a delicious frosted pumpkin muffin for Jim) in the warm, dry comfort of Einstein's Bagels.

Lackadaisical morning notwithstanding, after speaking with Jeff around noon I still had intentions of running later in the day. That plan lasted about fifteen minutes, until my next gchat with Jilane. The conversation went something like the following Clif's notes:

me: I have nothing to do this weekend except my presentation for work.
Jilane: You should just come here a few days early.
me: I'll call Delta.
(five minutes later)
Jilane: Okay, well I'll pick you up tomorrow morning at 9am.
me: Sweet.

So yeah, in a highly uncharacteristic display of spontaneity, I decided to change my departure to DC from Monday to Saturday morning, which means Team MJ will be reunited by the time most of you are reading this! However, this also means that I had to cram an entire weekend's worth of reports for work, laundry, packing and other miscellaneous tasks into the next 12 hours. Add to that the ongoing torrential downpour, and I finally called the day's running a wash (no pun intended) around 6pm. Not to worry, Jilane and I will make it up tomorrow.