Thursday, October 30, 2008

Further DC Shenanigans

Monday: day off
Tuesday: 47 mins.
6+ miles
Wednesday: ~60 mins.
8 miles
Thursday: 40 mins.

5 miles

The highlight of my final runs in DC was definitely Wednesday's run with Jordan. We started from Jilane's place and ran through Rock Creek Park and over to the Mall. From there we ran up the entire length of the Mall to the Capitol, crossed over and ran down the other side of the Mall, then banged a right on 12th Street and ran all the way up to the Metro Center metro. Unlike the previous day, we were smart enough to bring money and metro cards, so we hopped on and rode back to Jilane's place. It was a beautiful day, and a perfect chance to see some of the DC sights with Jordan.

View on our run through the Mall

Oh, and the Thursday run was actually back home from my apartment. I just didn't want to create a new post because I'm lazy. Also because I'm mildly depressed to be back home alone without any of my friends to play with.


scooter donut said...

I just wanted to give praise where it's due. You had a great summer/fall lead-up to the race and from an outsider it seemed like you made some big strides. The race performance will come and now you have a better idea of what works for you and maybe in the long run it will spur you to greater heights.

mrn said...

Thanks so much, Scotty. It means a lot. If nothing else this has definitely motivated me to make up for it the next time!