Saturday, October 18, 2008

Together At Last

59 mins.
8 miles

Today I awoke at an hour my body normally would not appreciate. However, on this occasion I didn't mind in the slightest considering that each passing moment brought me closer to my reunion with Jilane. I arrived in DC around 9am and was picked up shortly thereafter. It's definitely a bit cooler here than it has been in Atlanta, but the trade off is that the fall colors are absolutely gorgeo
us, so I'll take it.

After spending an hour or so lying around and catching up (as if we don't talk approximately 9 hours a day anyway), Jilane and I headed out for a run through Rock Creek Park. We opted to stay on the flatter, paved bike path for most of the run, and were definitely clipping along for most of it. I tagged this run as 8 miles but it was probably a tad more.

Seasonal colors at Rock Creek Park

After a brunch of eggs and pumpkin waffle at Open City we headed out for an afternoon of power shopping. After 3-4 hours on our feet, we made the executive decision to scrap the proposed double and instead took a trip to Whole Foods for dinner. I mean, shopping counts as cross-training, right?