Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, which of course in German means...

AM: 38-39 mins.
5 miles
15 mins. core/stretching
PM: 42-43 mins.
~5.7 miles
3.5 hours walking around

~5-6 miles

Jordan and I ventured out for a quick run this morning in Palm
Springs before heading to San Diego for the remainder of our trip. We were looking forward to some cooler weather, which unfortunately didn't pan out as we'd planned. Temps were well into the 80s and perhaps even low 90s when we arrived, but nonetheless we wanted to walk around and explore the Hillcrest area and the neighboring Balboa Park. We spent the entire afternoon meandering around, spending most of our time in the park and even taking a spin through the Museum of Man. Jordan insisted on walking around without his shirt on ("We're in a park!") so I pretended not to know him for most of the day.

A fountain and one of the museums along the Prado

After taking a few minutes to relax and drink a gallon or so of water, we headed out for an evening run around 5pm. It was still quite warm and sunny, but at least the humidity was low, so overall the run was quite enjoyable. We headed back over to the park and ran along Prado, the main street where all the museums and fountains are located, then meandered down through some of the trails before crossing a busy street to hook up with more trails. We passed a sports complex which included some baseball fields and a velodrome (not a track, which we'd thought/hoped it was after looking at a Google map), then decided to turn and head for home. Unfortunately this involved running up the steepest hill I've EVER seen on a street called Upas. To add insult to injury, Jordan charged up it about 90 miles per hour and left me behind. I walked. Life's like that sometimes.


Jordan finds a friend at the Museum of Man