Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week in Review

85 miles
1 raging hangover
2 pumpkin spice lattes
3 days in the desert

So, this week was actually much more enjoyable than I expected. Not only did I get in a ton of runs with other people (Ozzie (1), Big Peach (1), Jordan (2), Meredith (2)), but I also got to see some new scenery and, of course, start my long-awaited vacation. I also completed what I would probably consider to be my two best workouts of this training cycle with the 3x3 on Wednesday and the marathon simulation on Sunday. The first I conquered solo and the second I couldn't have done without Jordy's help.

Overall, like Jilane said, at three weeks out I have no unusual aches or pains, no burgeoning injuries, no lingering soreness. After speaking with Jeff yesterday I'm definitely pumped, not only for the marathon but also for a few things on the horizon soon after. Life is good.