Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome to the Desert

72 mins.
~10 miles
~15 mins. core/stretching

So, I finally found someplace that is actually flatter than Norman. After touching down Friday afternoon in Ahhnold's state, it quickly became apparent that I would h
ave my choosing of long, straight flat roads to train on. Not to mention I'm smack in the middle of the desert. That said, Palm Springs is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to some new running scenery for the next week.

Wind turbines near Palm Springs. They're everywhere!

Jordan and I started off the weekend with an easy 10 on Saturday morning, meandering through the city and surrounding neighborhoods. He showed me many homes where famous people once lived (and have since either moved away or died, or moved away then died) and also a few houses his fam has lived in before. After the run, we showered up and then headed out for a day of shopping. Pretty much a perfect Saturday as far as I'm concerned.


Owen said...

You guys have time for Home Depot? Bed Bath and Beyond?