Friday, October 10, 2008

Back to Reality

AM: 75 mins.
10 miles
PM: 31 mins.
4 miles

So after running with Jordan for the past seven days, my run this morning was, well, boring. I find my runs so much more enjoyable when I have someone to talk to, which meant that today I was having to force myself to refrain from checking my watch every ten minutes. My legs felt fairly stiff from yesterday's travel and from our hilly run in Balboa Park, so I kept the pace relaxed and even.

Of note, this is also the first day of my self-imposed dry spell until after MCM. That's right, no alcohol at all for the next two weeks. It's not that I often drink to excess, but I can easily fall into a routine of enjoying a glass or two of wine a night (see my entire vacation as an example). At this point, two weeks out from MCM, I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to facilitate a good performance. That said, if someone chooses to meet me at the finish line with a bottle of peach Lindeman's, I certainly can't stop them.


Jilane said...

Ozzie's arrival in DC has severely impaired my attempt to do the same...