Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brooks Rep and Run, Round 2

AM: 58 mins.
8 miles
10 mins. abs and stretching
PM: 29 mins.
3.5+ miles

The air was noticeably cooler this morning than any previous day this week, and I had some pep in my step pretty much from the outset. I ran through the Highlands and down the Freedom Trail, past my old apartment building and all the way to where the trail terminates at the MLK Memorial. Flipped a U and headed back toward the Highlands, then turned right on Ponce and hooked up with the bike path there.

In the evening I ran with the group at Phidippides in Sandy Springs, as Brooks was sponsoring a Nightlife run. Since this is the store that Jim works at, I was happy but not surprised when Meredith showed up, and I spent most of the run chatting with her and another employee, Gretchen. We kept the pace very slow, which I didn't mind since we were essentially on the sidewalks in Sandy Springs the entire time.

Of note: Meredith informed me that Dairy Queen is currently featuring a pumpkin pie flavored Blizzard. She recently mixed in M&M's with hers and pronounced it delicious. I must look into this tasty treat ASAP.