Saturday, November 1, 2008

Afternoon Trail Run

60 mins.
8 miles

After spending a few hours working at Finish Line this afternoon (I heart my job), I detoured to the river on my way home for an easy run in the trails. I've never been out there in the middle of a weekend afternoon, and there were tons of walkers/joggers/bikers (and one guy doing something jujitsu-like) enjoying the beautiful fall afternoon.

I started the run with two miles on the flat dirt loop, then headed up into the trails that I've run so often with Meredith, Jim and Jeff. This was my first time to run up there alone, and I was mildly concerned about either falling or getting lost (which is why I texted Jordan before the run to let him know my whereabouts in case of any misadventure). Miraculously, neither of these occurred, and instead I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was almost sorry to see the loop come to an end.

Unrelated, I'm pretty sure my cold is getting worse. Better go pop some pills.