Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coast to Coast

46 mins.
6 miles

So despite my better judgment, I went out for a wog today. To be honest I was just feeling lazy and gross and notso hotso about myself after the two days off. Stupid? Perhaps. Reality? Absolutely. At any rate, I wanted to get in a preemptive jaunt before heading off to Seattle for a solid week of excessive eating and drinking (and meetings too).

To be honest, this run was about as underwhelming as I expected. In an effort to not stress my foot, I somehow tweaked my calf muscle. So, pro: the foot felt decent. Con: I'm now limping due to my calf. Awesome.

The majority of the rest of the day was spent traveling. Turns out a flight from Atlanta to Seattle, which is lengthy enough when nonstop, actually takes about eight hours when it's broken up by a layover in Phoenix. Needless to say, by the time I arrived at 5pm Seattle time (which was 8pm in the ATL), I was starving and exhausted and a tad grumpy. Fortunately, I got to spend the evening with my friend Chelsea, a girl who I grew up with in East Texas. Over dinner we were marveling at how far each of us have come from our hometowns, both literally and figuratively, as we rejoiced in the recent Obama victory. We grew up in very small, very conservative, very Southern Baptist towns, and we're both pretty thrilled to have outgrown that insular environment (although, it should be said, we both agree that "East Texas is a great place to be from, if you know what I mean"). Chelsea and I have also followed somewhat similar paths after high school, as she went on to study at the University of Oklahoma and is now living and working in Seattle. The fact that I'm dating someone who goes to school (not so much "studies" per se) at OU and work for a company based in Seattle is kind of a quirky coincidence. At any rate, it was great to spend time with her and enjoy a bit of relaxation before the week's craziness begins.

Quote of the night: "I mean, it's great that all our high school friends have kids. But shouldn't we get a shower with lots of cool presents for, like, not getting pregnant? Kind of like 'Way to go, Tiger! Keep on keeping the population down.'"