Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm Quitting Running and Joining a Band

AM: 63 mins.
8-8.5 miles
PM: Rock Band 2

I met Jim and Meredith at the river late in the morning for an easy run. The problem is, none of my runs seem very easy these days. Today I was severely sore/fatigued in the hamstring and quad area, and my legs never really felt like they loosened up. I was grateful for the company, as I would've probably turned around at 10 minutes if I were solo, but I continue to grow frustrated with how slow and out of shape I feel.

In the afternoon I joined in on a marathon session of Rock Band 2 at Jeff's house. I've played this game once before with Brooke and Jordan at the Starr's and it's definitely a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon/evening. I dazzled the crowd with my vocal stylings on a variety of hits such as "We Got the Beat," "More Than a Feeling," "Simple Man" and "Jesse's Girl." If this whole running thing doesn't work out, I certainly wouldn't rule out professional karaoke singer as one of my fallback options.